About us

The Winemaker Family

Since 1900, five generation of vine growers have been planting and cultivating vines at the Schlosser Winery. Since August Schlosser the Third took over the business in 1954, wine has been pressed according to old tradition for the first time. Even then, the quality of the wines was recognized by awards. With the takeover of the winery in 1986 by August the Fourth and Elisabeth Schlosser, Austrian viticulture was rethought and a new era of wine history began. August Schlosser started to produce quality wines and a Weinviertel DAC.

Today, after the revolution of cellar technology, the future meets the past at the Schlosser Winery. Markus Schlosser brings new life into the cellar through gentle processing. The eldest son of August the Fourth gained a lot of experience in cellar technology and viticulture at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences and at Wein&Co. As a so-called newcomer, Markus Schlosser has been vinifying the grapes since 2008 and is constantly gaining new experience.


This reorganization of the winery has allowed everyone to carry out their own tasks, producing white and red wines with an incredible aroma potential and elegant minerality. The bottle label redesigned in 2009 gives each bottle an additional distinctive recognition value. Our most important wine grapes are Grüner Veltliner, Welschriesling, Riesling, Chardonnay, Zweigelt and Blauburger.


Our vineyards are located at the foothills of the Manhartsberg Hill - in the best part of the region. Our vineyards are characterised by the typical Weinviertler ("wine quarter") soil, where the panonic climate meets deep bedrock, sedimentary sand and loamy loess benches. We find all these soil and climate characteristics in our best vineyards such as Grosweg, Kogl, Griabn, Galgenberg and Gabeln. Our 4 hectares of vineyards are cultivated with minimal plant protection and environmentally friendly means. By conscious quantity regulation, leaf and vegetation management we create the basis for healthy, fully ripe grapes, which you will rediscover in the glass.


In order to make the vinification of the grapes as optimal and gentle as possible, we rely on traditional and modern processing. It is important to maintain the quality and aroma of the grapes right up to the bottle.
In order to preserve the white wine aroma from the vineyard as well as possible, the fermentation tank is cooled with well water after gentle pressing and kept at the right temperature. After fermentation, the wine is matured in stainless steel tanks.

When vinifying red wines we still follow the traditional way of winemaking. By means of open fermenting vats, the mash cake is pushed down by hand to obtain a beautiful ruby red colour and a complex aroma from the grape skin. In order to obtain a balanced red wine, it is then subjected to biological acid degradation and stored in small wooden barrels or stainless steel tanks.

The Estate

The estate is family owned for generations and is not only a cosy home for the whole family, but also a perfect place for tastings and other celebrations. The beautiful rooms inside, but also the spacious outdoor courtyard offer many possibilities for every mood and weather situation. Especially in spring the estate blossoms in its special beauty and conveys a warm, cosy and romantic atmosphere.


If you are interested in visiting our estate and the vineyards, please contact us through our contact form or just drop us a message or call us.


Our winery is located in Braunsdorf on the foothills of the Manhartsberg in the Schmidatal valley, a few kilometres away from the picturesque wine town of Retz. In this cultural place with a millennium of history, wine growing was already practised in the Middle Ages. To this day, through many years of experience, the best vines grow on selected vineyards, which is reflected in our wine quality.

Here you can find further information on the region (in German).