Celtic Wine






We have reached the 21st century AD. The whole Weinviertel ("Wine Quarter") is inhabited by winemakers who look towards the future. The whole Weinviertel? No! In Roseldorf and Braunsdorf, young, ambitious winemakers are working on bringing the past on historical soil into the present in a unique way.

The Celtic Village on the Sandberg ("Sand Hill") between Roseldorf and Platt is considered to be the largest Celtic village in Austria and even one of the largest in Central Europe.

Grape seeds found during excavations bear witness to thousands of years of wine-growing tradition on the Sandberg. As early as 500 B.C., the Celts understood the special location of our wine region.

For this reason, six motivated winemakers agreed to team up and to resurrect the Celtic past in their own way - each winery put a bottle of its wine from the Sandberg into this box. The design of the Celtic warriors and labels was the result of many hours of fun and creativity.


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In vinum gaudium est!

In wine lies joy!


Therefore, the "Vine Warriors" wish a lot of fun while tasting and desire for more!